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SatoshiPay's flagship product.
Forex blockchain infrastructure, connecting fiat world to defi ecosystem

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Instant cross-border payments for your business

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Buy, sell, and withdraw your digital asserts with our free Stellar wallet

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Our blockchain-powered payment solutions send money in seconds ensuring a seamless experience for both sender and recipient.


Enterprise-grade encryption, multi-signature authorization and constant software improvements are standard.


Open source solutions and immediate customer support always keep you up to date.

Low fees

With SatoshiPay, you pay a fraction of what you would in comparison to traditional payment infrastructures.


All of our products are built to offer frictionless, international payment solutions.


In line with compliance regulations, our solutions aim to enable access to advanced payment infrastructure with as little as an email address and payment wallet.


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I love working at SatoshiPay for two reasons: the pioneering work and the amazing, international team of brilliant people.
AARON LINDNER, Chief Product Officer
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Alexander Wilke
Dr. Torsten Stüber
Co-Founder & CTO
Dr. Aaron Lindner
Daniel Masters
Meinhard Benn
Tansel Inanc
Florian Beba
Chief Strategy Officer
Bahila Hijazi
Partnership Manager
Arjun Yadav
Senior Product Owner
Prayag Desale
Product Manager
Marcel Ebert
Lead Blockchain Engineer
Liam McManus
Marketing Lead
Jiesen Toh
Marketing Specialist
Klaus Dietz
Brand Designer
Carla Yap
Blockchain Developer
Zoltan Veress
DevOps Engineer
Kacper Szarkiewicz
Frontend Developer
Amr Gad
Operations Manager
Nicolas Hempelmann
Finance Manager

Katerina Voronkova
HR and Operations Lead
Dennis Verghaeghe
Finance & Controlling Manager
Xiangyu Tsai
Finance Working Student
Chrissy Krüger
HR Manager

Anna Teklinska
Product Manager
Gianfranco Tasteri
Blockchain/Substrate Engineer
Ben Conway
Community Manager
Bogdan Sandu
Blockchain/Substrate Engineer
Melodie Vignaud
Junior Business Development Manager

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